Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Morning

I know, I know, blogging about Christmas in February is ridiculous, but I have to get caught up!! Christmas was wonderful this year...lots of excitement and fun with our families. Christmas Eve we went to the Children's Service at church then made Christmas cookies for Santa. The kids went to bed early, then we went to work on all the goodies. We love playing Santa!! Cooper was pumped Christmas morning to see that Santa came! He and Maggie played with their toys, opened presents from us, then we headed to the Bailey's for a yummy breakfast and more presents. The Baileys are so generous and we all racked up!

Cookies for Santa

Future doctor????

Hmmm...maybe not!

Coop performing an AWESOME dance for us at the Bailey's!
Not sure what happened to his undies :)

Remote control Buzz Lightyear! Cooper is obsessed!

LOVE this crew!


Colt and Ashley Byrom said...

YEA! Christmas blog!!

Lisa said...

looks like you had so much fun on Christmas morning!! Is that a fireplace screen that looks like a giant present? It is so cute . . .I would love to know where you bought it!

Kelley said...

Looks like a blast! Missed you guys today!

The Cartee's said...

Jenna, You have a precious family! I am glad to see i am not the only one blogging about December in March! I hope you are doing well.

Angela said...

I had no idea you had a blog! I just happened to see it on Christopher's FB page. I guess it makes sense, since you commented on my blog the other day. Heh. Anyway, I know you haven't posted in a while and I'm sure you're busy, but I'd love a current update! We miss you guys so much! Love you!